Yuzuru Amawaka
 Kanji 天若 夕弦
 Romaji Amawaka Yuzuru
 Species Human
 Status Alive
 Age 36
 Gender Female
 Affiliations Amawaka House
 Relatives Seigen Amawaka (cousin/ foster brother)
 Manga Debut Chapter 34

Yuzuru Amawaka (天若 夕弦 Amawaka Yuzuru?) is an exorcist from the Amawaka House.


Yuzuru has long dark hair and a vertical scar going across her left eye. In addition, she also has a sliver of blond hair, similar to Seigen. Yuzuru is seen wearing a long, collared dress.


A quiet person, she is highly respectful of the higher ranking members of the Amawaka House as seen with her formality with Mayura. She is also empathetic as she understood the stress that Seigen had during their time as members of the Ritsu while assassinating those corrupted by the curse known as the "Jugon Monoimi."


Some time before Mayura's birth, Yuzuru was a member of the Ritsu, a group of Amawaka House members who were responsible for assassinating any exorcists who were corrupted by the Jugon Monoimi. While other members praised Seigen for his ruthlessness and cold demeanor, she noted that the dark circles around his eyes meant that he was unable to sleep from the emotional turmoil that came from killing others.


When Mayura wakes up after the battle, Yuzuru is the first one to greet her. She tells Mayura that she had been taking care of her injuries and that she was the one whom changed her clothes (which Mayura was previously panicking about). She reveals to her that they are in her father's house and one of the Twelve Guardian houses: the Amawaka house. She then bows down to Mayura on her knees and calls her the tenth head of the Amawaka house.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit




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