Yukari Otomi
Anime | Manga

Anime Yukari

 Kanji 音海 紫
 Romaji Yukari Otomi
 Species Human
 Status Alive
 Age 45
 Gender Female
 Birthday September 2
 Height 163 cm (5'4")
 Weight 53 kg (116 lbs)
 Blood Type A
 Relatives Seigen Amawaka (Ex-Husband),
Zenkichi Otomi (Father),
Mayura Otomi (Daughter),
Satoshi Otomi (Older Brother)
 Manga Debut Chapter 33
 Anime Debut Episode 17

Yukari Otomi (音海 紫 Otomi Yukari?) is the mother of Mayura Otomi and the ex-wife of Seigen Amawaka.


Yukari has green long, wavy hair and violet eyes. She heavily resembles her daughter, Mayura. She wears a long white lab coat, which shows that she might be a scientist.


Not much known about Yukari since her appearance in both the Manga and the Anime are very brief. It is shown that she is very kind and caring. Although she is no longer with Seigen, she still loves him very much. It's been said by Mayura, that she knows that Seigen abandoned them by his job with the intention to protect them. In the anime, she and Seigen appear to be still on very good terms with Seigen knocking out Rokuro during a morning training exercise to avoid being late for breakfast with Yukari. It seems that she is aware of Mayura's abilities as an exorcist. She can be very scary at times; even Seigen stated that she is more dangerous than impurities after she got furious during a family meeting with him regarding Mayura and her abilities as an exorcists which resulted in Yukari cutting up Seigen's face


Yukari was born on the Mainland where she lived with her father, Zenkichi Otomi and her older brother, Otomi Satoshi. At some point, she met and fell in love with Seigen Amawaka marrying him and later giving birth to their daughter Mayura Otomi. Sometime later, she and Seigen divorced but despite this she still cares very much for him as she and Mayura know that he left to protect them from danger.

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