Yukari Otomi
 Kanji 音海 紫
 Romaji Yukari Otomi
 Species Human
 Status Alive
 Age 45
 Gender Female
 Birthday September 2
 Height 163 cm (5'4")
 Weight 53 kg (116 lbs)
 Blood Type A
 Relatives Seigen Amawaka (Husband),
Zenkichi Otomi (Father)
Mayura Otomi (Daughter)
Satoshi Otomi (Older Brother)
 Manga Debut Chapter 6
 Anime Debut Episode 17

Yukari Otomi (音海 紫 Otomi Yukari?) is a biologist of Mainland, mother of Mayura Otomi and the wife of Seigen Amawaka.


Yukari has yellow and green long, wavy hair, long eyelashes and blue eyes, with the usually smiling face. She heavily resembles her daughter, Mayura. Like Mayura, she is also well-endowed and has G cup breasts. [1] 


Her appearance in both the Manga and the Anime are very brief but her personality is heavily deplicted in the first official novel.

She is caring, curious and stubborn. Those are shown while she smuggled to the Tsuchimikado Island, investigating her brother's death and took a part in Seigen's daily life. She can be very scary at times - even Seigen stated that she is more dangerous than impurities after she got furious during a family meeting with him regarding Mayura and her abilities.


Yukari was born on the Mainland in an exorcist family where her father, grandfather even great-grandfather work to protect the town. However she does not practice exorcism. She was loved, sometimes even spoiled by her father Zenkichi Otomi and her older brother, Satoshi Otomi. At the age of 23, her brother, Satoshi, managed to see her before he was to be executed for being cursed. The executer Seigen Amawaka tried to hypnotize her but failed, and she decided to find out the truth and meet him after that. They fell in love, got married and lived in the island for years, but one day Seigen decided to drive her out of danger by separating with her. Yukari found herself pregnant with Mayura three months after coming back to the Mainland.

Sometime she and Seigen divorced, but despite this she still cares very much for him as she and Mayura know that he left to protect them from danger. They are remarried and live together again after Seigen retired from the Twelve Guardians.

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