Twelve Guardians
The twelve guardians.
 Kanji 十二天将
 Romaji Jūni Tenshō
 Species Humans (mostly)
 Status All members active
 Affiliations Exorcists Group
Arima Tsuchimikado
 Anime Debut Episode 20 (all of them)

The Twelve Guardians (十二天将 Jūni Tenshō?, literally meaning "Twelve Heavenly Commanders") are the exorcists who inherited the names and powers of Abe no Seimei's shikigami. They are the most powerful exorcists behind the Chief Exorcist and Miko. Each are a member of a house descended from the twelve allies of Abe No Seimei in ancient times.


Twelve Guardians
Arata anime face design Cordelia anime face design Kankurou anime face design Kengo anime face design
Arata Inanaki
Cordelia Kasukami
Kankurou Mitosaka
Kengo Ujii
Miku anime face design Narumi anime face design Sakura anime face design IkarugaShimon
Miku Zeze
Narumi Ioroi
Sakura Sada
Shimon Ikaruga
Subaru anime face design 2 Tatara anime face design Tenma anime face design Mayura anime face design 3
Subaru Mitejima
Tenma Unomiya
Mayura Otomi

Former Guardians
Seigen anime face design 1
Seigen Amawaka

Strength, Powers and AbilitiesEdit

A Guardian is as strong as 1000 Exorcists or more. It is determined that all of the Twelve Guardians are as strong as Abe no Seimei and Kuzunoha. In the Anime, They also able to perform a special ritual called Rikujin Shinka and Heavenly Blue Earth Ritual.


It is said that only Shimon Ikaruga as Suzaku is the only one to have technique that enables flight but there are also Miku Zeze as Daion when she possesses her Giant Doll and Tenma Unomiya as Kijin when he is using his Sword as Hoverboard.

Upgrading EnchantmentsEdit

It seem that the Guardians' enchantments can be upgraded to modern weapons and robotics, as demonstrated by Subaru Mitejima who uses guns and Cordelia Kasukami who uses a robotic armor.




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