Tsuchimikado Island (土御門島 Tsuchimikadojima?) is the headquarters of the Exorcists Group.


Kaminari DistrictEdit

  • Oimi Port (御忌港 Oimi-kō?)[1]
  • Kisaragi (衣更着?)[2]

Odakari DistrictEdit

  • Mitosaka Private Hospital (私水度坂病院 Shiritsu Mitosaka Byōin?)[3]

Umehatsu DistrictEdit

  • Enmado Rokuro Mansion (焔魔堂ろくろ邸 Enmadō Rokuro-tei?):[4] Formerly belonged to the Adashino House.


Taigetsuro (泰月楼 Taigetsu-rō?) is the central office of the Exorcists Group.[5]

Ascending Tower of SeitenEdit

Ascending Tower of Seiten (星天の登り台 Seiten no Nobori-dai?)[6]

  • Tower of Lamentation (なげきの台 Nageki no Dai?)[7]
  • Great Black Torii (黒大鳥居 Kuro Ōtorii?)[6]


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