Tenma Unomiya
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Tenma anime design

 Kanji 鸕宮 天馬 (うのみや てんま)
 Romaji Unomiya Tenma
 Species Human
 Status Alive
 Age 19
 Gender Male
 Birthday August 20
 Height 161 cm (5'3")
 Weight 50 kg (110 Ibs.)
 Blood Type AB
 Affiliations Exorcists Group
Twelve Guardians
Unomiya House
 Relatives Senri Unomiya (Older Sister, deceased)
Yahiro Unomiya (Relative, deceased)
Samanosuke Unomiya (Relative, deceased)
Mitsu Unomiya (Relative, deceased)
 Manga Debut Chapter 34 or Extra 5
 Anime Debut Episode 28
 Voiced by Hiro Shimono (Japanese)

Migo Adecer (Filipino on GMA Network)

Tenma Unomiya (鸕宮 天馬 Unomiya Tenma?) is the Kijin (貴人 Aristocrat?) of the Twelve Guardians and the current head of Unomiya House.


Tenma Unomiya is a short young man with hetero-chromatic eyes, purple to his right and green to his left and long maroon hair with many hair antennas. Because of these characteristics, he is often mistaken as a girl. In the manga, Tenma has a much shorter hair that ends in shoulder length.

His outfit consists a long black uniform with a few red and yellow thin lines. His neck is covered by a glowing yellow light in the borders of his collar. He has a belt that has a heptagon in front, one on each side with the color red and four glowing yellow lines. His whole arms are covered by slightly loose sleeves, and hands covered by black gloves with a red circle and glowing yellow outline.

At the age of 10, Tenma had a pair of quite normal eyes, bob hair with straight bangs, and only two streaks of hair antennas.



Tenma is a person who act out of the common sense, which is shown while he prompted at Rokuro's hot spring pools and later appeared in his mental realm. He likes to give nicknames to people.


Tenma is described as calm and cool-headed. As shown, he did not panic during chaos. He often smiles in front of his enemies to ridicule them. He has also shown confidence with his strength when he volunteered to help Kankuro Mitosaka instead as he believes it will be faster that way.

He has a tendency of not listening to others when he is interested in something else but is considered pretty handy to have around.

He is able to easily get in other people's nerves as shown when he asks Miku Zeze about her age which also struck a nerve with Subaru Mijetima. And it can also be noted that he likes calling others using nicknames he just came up rather than their names like calling Rokuro Enmado a Runt, Flatty to Benio Adashino, Money Grubber to Ujii Kengo and etc.

He also has a sweet tooth, as he has an extreme fondness for Mitarashi Dango. This extends to even making a deal with one of the Heavenly Commanders Kengo Ujii to give him a years worth of dango in exchange for taking out a few impurities and buying all the available dango on a certain store without even caring if he is paying too much for it.


Shimon Ikaruga

Shimon and Tenma were once classmates, and Shimon views him as a rival. Shimon wanted to understand him and help him since childhood.

Rokuro Enmado

Tenma views Rokuro as a vital part to Arima's plan, and wishes that Rokuro would be stronger than himself.

Senri Unomiya


Tenma was born and raised on Tsuchimikado island along with his siblings and cousins of the Unomiya house. He attended the Tsuchimikado elementary school with his siblings and Shimon with whom they'd argue alot. Tenma, while attending the Tsuchimikado elementary school, was often subjected to scolding as he didn't find much interest in school resulting in him skipping and being late most of the time much to the ire of Shimon. It is implied that he was a loner during that time as once during a conversation with Shimon he claimed he didn't need friends.

At a later point in time when Tenma was 10 years old the ritual for the new successor, Kijin, of the Unomiya house began as the mark of the centipede appeared on the hands of Tenma and 9 other members of the Unomiya family including Senri. It was then noted by Shimon that the Unomiya family was absent for many days after this. The ritual for title of Kijin, as explained by Shimons father, was akin to kuduko in which the Unomiya's, ten candidates, who were selected for the ritual would have to fight and kill each other for the title. Ultimately, Tenma succeeded the ritual and became the sixth head with the last person he being his older sister Senri, whom he loved very much and noted by Shimon to be the only person "he can't stand up against".

However, it was during that last battle that Senri's true feelings was revealed and she showed bitterness and envy toward Tenma who she noted before to have tremendous innate potential. Senri with her last breath told Tenma that he will forever be alone and in pain with no one to understand him and that he will go to hell for his actions. The trauma and pain he had to go through as a result of going through the ritual and being cursed by his sister to be alone caused him to later laugh and cry historically; an act witnesses by Shimon who saw him near the river at the time.

It was shown then that Tenma's left eye color had changed from purple to green. It is ambiguous as to whether it was caused by the power he gained from the ritual or the result of his breakdown at the river.



Unomiya Tenma

Unomiya Tenma

Although he can be briefly seen when the Twelve Guardians assembles on Episode 20 and 21, His first official appearance however was really on Episode 28 where he was ordered to bring the Twin Star Exorcists and Sae to Kyoto. Upon his arrival, He strikes using what looks like an Air Fissure Bullets and easily defeated Kinasa the basara who attacked the Twin Star Exorcists. He also closed the massive dragon spot in the area without using a talisman which shocked Rokuro and Benio.[1]

He then traveled with the Sae and Twin Star Exorcists to Kyoto and he soon left them stating that his job of escorting them is accomplished.

Tenma Unomiya in Episode 30

Tenma Unomiya during the Ritual

He later participated in the Heavenly Blue Earth Ritual in hopes of permanently closing the dragon spots, being the one in the middle to channel the spell and having the Twin Star Exorcists to protect his area. But unfortunately, Tenma and the others were trapped when Kuranashi turned the Spell Ritual against them and was only freed when Sae returned to the Ama No Mihashira.[2]

He is present when Mikage Tsuchimikado announced that he will be the acting Head Exorcists while Arima is missing and was later seen participating in finding Arima like the other Heavenly Commanders.[3]

In Episode 33, During his break time He was shown buying all the Mitarashi Dango on a certain store. During Twelve Guardians Meeting, Tenma asked Miku Zeze how is she still looking so young while being already being 56 years old which left an impression against him and later when Mikage Tsuchimakado reported them about the oracle stating that Arima Tsuchimakado is already dead, Tenma then tells the other Guardians to find Kuranashi and he will be the one to take his head while wondering if Kuranashi will prove a little challenge considering that he is suppose to be the strongest basara.

In Episode 37, After Mikage Tsuchimakado explained the details of the Rikujin Shinka Ritual to the other three Guardians present, Tenma suddenly arrived and quickly agreed with his plan, however things went against planned as Kuranashi then counters their spell by lifting the city and sending Giant Kegare to them.

Unomiya Tenma in Narukami

Tenma after fighting Kegares

As Kuranashi's Scheme continues, Tenma fights off giant kegares like the other Guardians. He is then got approached by Kengo Ujii who is asking to clear out the Kegares in his assigned areas for he will answer Kankuro's call for help against Yamato to which Tenma agreed in exchange of a year's worth of dango.[4]

He was later seen still fighting with him using his Sword as a flying hoverboard but the Kegare this time combined to form a more powerful version.

Though already tired from all the fighting, Tenma and the other Guardians then continues the Rikujin Shinka Ritual after the Kegares were defeated to safely return the Floating Narukami City back to its right place but unfortunately it is then revealed that it was all part of Kuranashi's Masterplan.

Unomiya Tenma's Downfall

Tenma's Spellpower getting sucked

With the 12 Guardians weakened from fighting of Kegares and casting the ritual, Tenma and the others were successfully trapped by Kuranashi's own spell, with Tenma saying that he will not forget Kuranashi's name.[5]

Like the other Guardians who were absorbed, Tenma's weapon was used by Kuranashi during his fight with the enraged Tatara, with Kuranashi commenting that The Kijin Tenma Unomiya's weapon was effective as expected.[6]

In Episode 50, An illusion or possibly his spirit appeared with the others to Rokuro and Benio to cheer them up when they were trying to stop Abe No Seimei's plan. After Rokuro and Benio manage to stop Abe No Seimei, Tenma and the other Guardians were freed. Later he was at a rooftop eating Mitarashi Dango while discussing with Arima Tsuchimikado how everything turned up as he offers the latter to try his Mitarashi Dango.


In the Manga, Tenma was firstly mentioned on Chapter 30, but first appeared on Chapter 34 where he was seen relaxing in a hot spring. He asks Rokuro if he was one of the Twin Star Exorcists as his face was unfamiliar and comments on Rokuro's opinion that everyone got the same will he has. Soon, He was later seen on Taigetsurou with the other Twelve Guardians with their House Representatives that is going to give Rokuro the chance to join one of the families. As the meeting progress, He then comments that Miku Zeze's uncle owe Rokuro an apology for scorning him and the Adashino House but also that Rokuro needs to go the Magano in the island to see how delusional for him to say that he will settle scores with Ijika Yuto.

Sousei no onmyouji 35 36

Tenma fighting an impurity

By the time Rokuro and the assigned families are preparing to enter Magano, Tenma soon appeared with Cordelia informing them of his arrival and was asked by Shimon why is he here and that Rokuro and Mayura don't need Tenma's Babysitting for he was assigned as their protector. As the battle progress, Tenma saved Rokuro from a giant impurity and he later took Rokuro back at the clinic and explained to him the details about Abe No Seimei, King Of Impurities and how Magano was created.

He is frequently mentioned through the next chapters specifically when Narumi Ioroi shared his opinion of the Twelve Guardians' ranking in strength and when Ikaruga Shimon is suggesting the best possible houses for Rokuro to join.

During Rokuro's battle with Kankuro Mitosaka, he is shown watching as Rokuro uses his Shikigami but is shown laughing as it turns out to be a sphere of Ohagi. He ceases laughing after Rokuro activates it and transforms into armor for his arms which emit great power that truly impresses him as Rokuro sends Kankuro flying.

When the first match ups have been decided, Tenma's opponent is Ikaruga Shimon and their match will be the 10th fight of the first round of the tournament.

Powers and Abilities

Unomiya Tenma's Gold Sword

"Gold & Red" Sword

Among the Twelve Guardians who are said to be the Top Exorcists, Tenma is labeled as the strongest. He can easily slice his enemies with his sword and bring total destruction in its surroundings.

Tenma can close Dragon Spots and use powers without using any talismans and enhancements. Because of this, some people say that Tenma may not actually know how to use Talismans because they are useless to him. However in the manga, he had used talisman against Shimon Ikaruga during their match-ups on Chapter 49.

He wields a Short White Sword which can possibly transform into the Gold Red Sword he also uses. His sword appears to have the ability to grow and shrink any time he wanted and can also float. When his sword has grown large enough, He can use it as a hoverboard which enables him to maneuver through the air.

Since Tenma doesn't require charms or incantations, the blade may be the above picture of the "gold and red' sword.

He seems to be able to use Air Fissure Bullet, but it remains unclear for it was just seen used once as greetings when he faced Kinasa in the anime.

Dominant Sword Talisman (覇刃顯符 Hajin-genpu?):

  • Kikaku Jinki (貴爀人機 Kikaku Jinki?): Kikaku Jinki and Shuzen Zappa look like similar enchantments, but the has greater mobility. While the flow of "execution" for the latter is to "confirm the enemy" and "instruct to attack", Kikaku Jinki does not have this trnasition. It has no blind spots, and the moment it is instructed to attack, the blade is aleady there. [7]


  • It's something that Churchill said, "You must look at facts because they look at you"
  • I'm not gonna forget your name! You cocky little schemer!
  • What happened to getting stronger than us? Hmm?
  • Shut up and watch!


  • Tenma's name contains the kanji for "cormorant" (?), "shrine" (?), and "pegasus" (天馬?).
  • He is identical to Ikaruga Shimon as shown from their sword weapon, their rivalry with Rokuro and their young age compared to the other Guardians.
  • According to Sousei's official website, all of Tenma's long haired ahoge is a result of bedhead that he can't fix.
  • Tenma is the strongest of the Twelve Guardians.
  • He is often mistaken as a girl.
  • His hair is relatively shorter in the manga.


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