Shimon Ikaruga
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Shimon anime design

 Kanji 斑鳩 士門 (いかるが しもん)
 Romaji Ikaruga Shimon
 Species Human
 Status Alive
 Age 16,18 (Currently)
 Gender Male
 Birthday September 13th
 Height 176 cm (5'9")
 Weight 63 kg (138 Ibs.)
 Blood Type O
 Affiliations Exorcist Group,
Twelve Guardians,
Ikaruga House
 Relatives Mineji Ikaruga
Sayo Ikaruga (Cousin/Foster Sister)
Keiji Ikaruga (Cousin/Foster Brother)
Hoji Ikaruga (Uncle/Foster Father)
 Manga Debut Chapter 15
 Anime Debut Episode 3
 Voiced by Ishikawa Kaito

Shimon Ikaruga (斑鳩 士門 Ikaruga Shimon?) is an exorcist and Crimson Phoenix (朱雀 Suzaku?) of the Twelve Guardians. He was the youngest member of the group until Mayura Otomi took her father's place in the ranks. He is also Seigen Amawaka's former apprentice and Sayo Ikaruga's older cousin.


He has spiked fuchsia-colored hair that starts after his headphones and azure blue eyes. He wears a dark maroon shoal that tatters at the ends, topping a black shirt with a white circle that's crossed by a line. His lower clothes consists of cargo shorts, and black combat boots. He can sometimes be seen with his exorcist uniform on serious missions. He has been described as handsome.


Compared to other characters, Shimon is very serious. His focus consists of defeating all the Kegare instead of hanging out with others teens around his age. It is later revealed that his devotion to killing Impurities is because he is trying to put an end to the 1000-year war and break Sayo's heavy burden so she can live a free life from the Kuzunoha. He also disliked Arima's decision about Rokuro and Benio becoming the "Twin Star Exorcists". However, after saving Sayo he decided to accept them. He is shown to actually be quite sweet and shy, he just doesn't show it. Shimon becomes sensitive when it comes to some female charms, as shown in the anime when he slightly loses his cool when Mayura tripped over a string, causing her to lose balance and accidentally lean her chest to his forearm, and in the manga when he loses control of his Crimson Phoenix wings when Mayura unintentionally leans her chest to him.

Background Edit

Shimon used to be part of a branch family until he lost his mother to an illness immediately after being born, and his father died in battle in Magano when he was three. He was later taken in by the head of the Ikaruga House, Hoji Ikaruga.


He is part of the Twelve Guardians and rose to the rank at the age of 14. In the anime, he was summoned by Arima to find Rokuro. He saved Rokuro and Benio from a demon and shortly after left and went back to Arima, and said Rokuro is not strong and does not care about him. However, late in one fight, he saw Rokuro's abilities, when he saved everybody from an explosion, and eventually made friends with him. In additon, Shimon trained Mayura in becoming an exorcist and they are said to be quite close.In special chapter, there's high chance that he fell in love with Mayura.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a member of the twelve guardians, Shimon is a highly capable exorcist and his skill has allowed him to become the youngest heavenly commanders.

Enchanted Gear: As an exorcist, Shimon can use Enchanted Gears to fight impurities.

Heavenly Flight Expose Charm (天翔顕符 Tenshōgenpu?): As one of The Twelve Guardians, Shimon bears the title of Crimson Phoenix thus able to wield its Enchanted Gear.

  • Scarlet Plumage (朱染雀羽 Shuzen Zappa?): By using his talisman, Shimon changes his sword into a powerful giant red and yellow flaming sword that he uses to exorcise impurities.
  • Gouten Karura (?): Shimon changes his sword into a flying gear with wings that resemble a sword which is the true form of Shuzen Zappa and attacks his opponent using them.
  • Shuzen Zappa Matoi Kajiri (朱染雀羽 纏神呪 Shuzen Zappa Matoi Kajiri?, "Scarlet Plumage Mystic Spell Equip"): With Suzaku Meikyo Fu (朱雀明鏡符 Suzaku Meikyō Fu?, "Suzaku, Clear Mirror-Charm"), Shimon unleashes the power of the Guardian Crimson Phoenix that increases his speed and power by ten folds. He first uses this against Hijirimaru and is able to overpower him.[1]


  • Shimon resembles Neku Sakuraba from The World Ends With You. They have similar hairstyles and both wear headphones.
  • Shimon suffers from motion sickness, this was shown in chapter 33 when Shimon is upset for flying back to pick Rokuro up. He explains that the plane does not move as he want it to.


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