Ryogo Nagitsuji
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Ryougo anime design

 Kanji 椥辻 亮悟 (なぎつじ りょうご)
 Romaji Nagitsuji Ryōgo
 Species Human
 Status Alive
 Age  25
 Gender Male 
 Height 183cm (6'0")
 Weight 72 kg (158 Ibs.)
 Blood Type A
 Affiliations Kanto Headquarters Exorcist Group
Seika Dormitory
 Relatives Haruka Kaibara (Wife)
Rokuro Enmado (Step brother)
Seigen Amawaka ( Master)
 Manga Debut Chapter 1
 Anime Debut Episode 1
 Voiced by Tomoaki Maeno

Ryogo Nagitsuji (椥辻 亮悟 Nagitsuji Ryōgo?) is an exorcist who lives in the Seiko Dormitory. In the anime, he proposes to Haruka Kaibara in episode 37.


Ryogo is a tall young man with black spiky short hair and a braid in front of his right ear. In the past his hair was light colored, he dyed it dark brown since then.


Even though he often teases Rokuro, he is really kind and thinks of Rokuro as his little brother. He was trying to help Rokuro overcome his trauma and return being an exorcist, but was not able to. As he saw Benio having an impact on Rokuro, he asked her if she can help him.


A long time ago, when he was a young boy, his family was attacked by Impurity. His older brother hid Ryogo in a wardrobe in order protect him, and promised he would be return. Unfortunately, his brother and his parents were killed by Impurity. An exorcist group arrived and cleansed the Impurity, saving Ryogo in time, but he became horrified when seeing his family bleeding corpses. He decided to become exorcist after Zenkichi and his group saved him.


Ryogo is first seen exorcising an Impurity with the help of Zenkichi, who, after drawing the Impurity out of the child, asks Ryogo to take care of the rest. On their way back, Ryogo remembers that Rokuro Enmado is supposed to come with them, but did not show up.

Later Ryogo is divvying up the requests in Seika Dormitory as Rokuro storms in crying and asks if there is something good about him, as a girl turned him down. As everyone provides stupid "good" qualities, Ryogo scolds Rokuro about ditching another Impurity exorcism. Ryogo and the rest try to tell Rokuro that he is only good as an exorcist and should become such, but Rokuro leaves annoyed. Atsushi Sukumozuka and Shinnosuke Kuzaki, question Rokuro's exorcist skills as they have not seen him, but Ryōgo tells them that Rokuro is an amazing exorcist.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

To fight Impurities, Ryogo uses different Talismans (霊符 Reifu?, "Spirit Charms") that vary in effect and aid him in combat. He is capable of defeating normal Impurities without problem.[2]

Exorcism Enchantment (陰陽呪装 Onmyō Jusō?, "Charm Gear")

  • Banish All Evils (万魔調伏 Banmachōbuku?, "10,000 Evils Exorcism"): Using the Purification Blade Talisman (斬浄穢符 Zanjōe Fu?, "Cleaning Impurity Severance Charm"), Ryogo enables his sword to harm Impurities.[2]


Exorcists are much more like families than teams.


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