Narumi Ioroi
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Narumi anime design

 Kanji 五百蔵 鳴海 (いおろい なるみ)
 Romaji Ioroi Narumi
 Species Human
 Status Alive


 Age 45
 Gender Male
 Birthday May 5
 Height 205 cm (6'9")
 Weight 95 kg (209 Ibs.)
 Blood Type O
 Affiliations Exorcists Group,
Twelve Guardians,
Ioroi House
 Relatives Tamami Ioroi (wife)
Gunki Ioroi (first son)
Kazuma Ioroi (second son),
Masumi Ioroi (first daughter)
Shizuru Ioroi (second daughter)
Namie Ioroi (third son)
Kinuka Ioroi (third daughter)
Akari Ioroi (fourth daughter),
Touka Ioroi (fifth daughter),
Hayato Ioroi (youngest son)
Seishirou Ioroi (son-in-law)
 Manga Debut Extra 5
 Anime Debut Episode 25
 Voiced by Masaya Takatsuka

Narumi Ioroi (五百蔵 鳴海 Ioroi Narumi?) is an exorcist and Kōchin (勾陳?) of the Twelve Guardians.


He has blond spiky hair and beard. His skin tone is darker than most characters. His outfit consists a long black and yellow suit. His chest includes four gadgets, two on each side and his neck is covered by a glowing yellow light on his collar. He has a belt that has four heptagons, two on each side. On his wrists, he wears a black and white cuff with a yellow stone embedded. He wears a pair of black and white shoes. He is a muscular man.


Narumi has a personality that is described to be a perfect fit for Rokuro by Shimon. He is shown to be highly motivated for his fight against the impurities and believe that the sacred duty of the exorcist is to fight and fight and triumph against the impurities. He also believe that there is no strength in a life that is ready to be abandoned. Also, he has the strange belief that even the exorcist died they will still live on and trumph.

He is shown to punish his daughter by spanking her in front of everyone present when she used a masculine word while referring to herself and told her that she must stop behaving like a boy.



Narumi and Cordelia Kasukami arrive to protect the city from the Dragon Spot and the Basara Yamato. After Rokuro Enmado and Benio Adashino weaken the Dragon spot, Cordelia destroys the monstrous Impurity.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


He can control the earth element with his own will.

  • Kodenchinza (勾殿陳坐 Kōdenchinza?): After enchanting his hammer with the Starquake Expose Charm (星震顕符 Seishingenpu?),[2] Narumi slams it on the ground and creates earthen structures, using the power of Earth.[3]
    • Type Gyuuki (typeタイプ牛騎ギュウキ Taipu Gyuuki?)[4]


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