Miku Zeze
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Miku anime design

 Kanji 膳所美玖 (ぜぜ みく)
 Romaji Zeze Miku
 Species Human
 Status Alive


 Age 56
 Gender Female
 Birthday October 9
 Height 155 cm (5'1")
 Weight 41kg
 Blood Type A
 Affiliations Exorcists Group,
Twelve Guardians,
Zeze House
 Relatives Itsuki Zeze (Uncle)
 Manga Debut Chapter 15
 Voiced by Yui Ogura

Miku Zeze (膳所美玖 Zeze Miku?) is an exorcist and Daion (大陰?) of the Twelve Guardians. She is the oldest among the group.


Miku has a small childlike body, big eyes and AA cup breasts. She has long, pink, curly hair which is topped with a small, red crown she also has magenta eyes.

Her outfit is a strapless, poofy dress that has a magenta ruffle above her chest. It is black and white in color and has four pink light up circles, two on each side of her torso. She has a black cape and her neck is decorated with a magenta bow. On her arms, she wears oversized arm gloves that are black and white with pink lights. She wears a pair of black boots with pink lights.


Miku is often stern despite her appearance, as she constantly uses "seriously" and "super" whenever expressing irritation.



Tsubaki SadaEdit

In manga, it's known that they have known each other and have been friends since young.

Tsubaki was killed by Gabura, and his dying words to Miku was to entrust Sakura to her. Miku vowed to avenge for him with Sakura when Sakura has grown up and become a powerful exorcist herself.

In anime, before becoming a member of the Twelve Guardians, she had secret feelings to Tsubaki to the extent she made a doll for him. She was happy but disappointed at the same time when he announced his marriage. Her feelings for him is still apparent by the fact Miku trained his daughter Sakura Sada and kept the doll she made for him. In addition, in the anime, Miku went with Sakura to avenge the Basara who killed him, and was with him at the time of his death.

Sakura SadaEdit

The two share a firm bound as Sakura was entrusted to Miku by her dying father, and Sakura has been relying on her since childhood. Sakura respects Miku but is not afraid of joking with her. When Miku sighed "Geeze, growing up!" as she sees Sakura while recalling the crying little girl Sakura, Sakura asked her if she was jealous of her well-endowed breasts.

Itsuki ZezeEdit

Itsuki is Miku's uncle who is younger than Miku's parent. Miku knows that he has bad personality and beated him once in public, but still somewhat defended him in front of Rokuro.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Daigi Onsou (大戯陰葬 Daigi Onsō?): After using the Evil Army Expose Charm (魔軍顕符 Magun Genpu?),[1], she can controls several dolls and use them as her army.
    • Zeze-style Divine Song Nº18: Cloudy Death Sakura Ouchi Pattern (膳所式神歌十八番 曇天死桜大内鑑 Zeze-shiki Shinka Jūhachi-ban: Dontenshizakura Ōuchikagami?)[2]


Doll Manipulation: She controls dolls and use them as her weapon. They emit lightning or fire as shown when she and Sakura fought Moro.

Daion Crystal Amulet: She uses this amulet to one of her dolls to increase it size and she rides in it. This results in enormous gain in strength as she punched Moro, sending her flying at a great distance.


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