The Miko in the legend
 Kanji 神子
 Romaji Miko
 Species Human
 Relatives Rokuro Enmado (Father)
Benio Adashino (Mother)
 Manga Debut Chapter 15 (voice)

The Miko (神子?) is the prophesied child of the Twin Star Exorcists and the supposed reincarnation of Abe no Seimei.[1]


The Miko takes on the appearance of Abe No Seimei, who is supposed to be the Miko's grandmother and reincarnation.


The Miko is only mentioned throughout the series and is the prophesied child of Enmadou Rokuro and Adashino Benio.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Extreme enchantment power - As the reincarnation of Abe No Seimei and the one whose destiny is to end the war, the Miko is speculated to be extremely powerful.


  1. Chapter 2, Page 55

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