Kinako anime design
 Kanji きなこ
 Romaji Kinako
 Species Shikigami
 Status Alive
 Age 11
 Gender Male
 Birthday March 19
 Height 50 cm (1')
 Weight 4.3 kg (9 Ibs.)
 Affiliations Adashino House,
Enmado House
 Manga Debut Chapter 34
 Anime Debut Episode 1
 Voiced by Fukuyama Jun (Japanese)

Joe Ochman (English on Showtime)

Kinako (きなこ?) is a fox-cat (キツネコ kitsuneko?) shikigami made by Benio Adashino.[1]



Kinako is a sentient Shikigami, and even questions his own meaning of existence once.

Kinako is polite to and even flatters towards the authorities. However this is not true to who he dislikes, for example, Rokuro Enmado. In anime, Kinako seems to be easily angered whenever somebody underestimates Benio. He is unfriendly to others but very loyal to Benio.


When Rokuro Enmado arrives on Tsuchimikado Island, Kinako is watching from a nearby building.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Kinako is a non-combat type shikigami. According to Arimori, he is a perfect Shikigami, able to maintain self-conciousness and loyal to his creator. However, he can do decent housework and has vast knowledge of exorcists and the Tsuchimikado Island. In anime, Kinako is able to possess objects and to detect Impurities.


  • In the manga, Kinako first appears in the chapter 34 and is seen protecting the abandoned Adashino house. In the anime, he appears in the beginning and accompanies Benio.
  • Kinako is named after a type of roasted soybean flour often used as a topping for ohagi, Benio's favorite snack.


Benio Adashino

Rokoro Enmado

Arimori Tsuchimikado


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