Kazuma Ioroi
 Kanji 五百蔵 数馬
 Romaji Ioroi Kazuma
 Species Human
 Status Alive
 Gender Male
 Affiliations Ioroi House
 Relatives Narumi Ioroi (father),
Tamami Ioroi (mother),
Gunki Ioroi (older brother),
Masumi Ioroi (older sister),
Shizuru Ioroi (younger sister),
Kinuka Ioroi (younger sister),
Akari Ioroi (younger sister),
Namie Ioroi (younger brother),
Touka Ioroi (younger sister),
Hayato Ioroi (younger brother)
Seishirou Ioroi (brother-in-law)
 Manga Debut Chapter 35

Kazuma Ioroi (五百蔵 数馬 Ioroi Kazuma?) is an exorcist and second son of Narumi Ioroi.


He is tall lanky young man with spiky blonde hair and tan skin. He wears a bandana across his left eye and a small scar across his face.


Not much is known about but he seems to possess a laidback attitude. He had no problem introducing himself to Rokuro Enmado.


Kazuma is first seen with some of his family meeting Rokuro Enmado, he is silent during the meeting and watches as his sister Shizuru berates Rokuro before going off on a mission to Magano.

He is later seen with his entire family on a outing, he tells his father who was speaking Rokuro Enmado that he was late in meeting up with them and states he was hungry. Kazuma then introduces himself as the second son of the Ioroi Clan while the rest of his give their names and statuses.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a member of the Ioroi House, Kazuma is a capable exorcist which is shown when he is able to withstand the heavy pressure of Magano on Tsuchimikado Island.

Enchanted Gear: As an exorcist from Tsuchimikado Island, Kazuma is stronger than the average exorcist and goes into battle prepared.

  • Evil-Crushing Attack (凶羅砕撃 Kyōra Saigeki?): Using the Impurity-Crushing Hammer Charm (砕槌穢符 Saitsuie Fu?), Kazuma enables his hammer to harm Kegare.[1]


  1. Twin Star Exorcists Manga: Chapter 35, Page 18

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