Kankuro Mitosaka
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Kankurou anime design

 Kanji 水度坂 勘久郎 (みとさか かんくろう)
 Romaji Mitosaka Kankurō
 Species Human
 Status Alive
 Age 27
 Gender Male
 Birthday December 1
 Height 177 cm (5'10")
 Weight 62 kg (136 lbs)
 Blood Type O
 Affiliations Exorcists Group
Twelve Guardians
Mitosaka House
Enmado House
 Manga Debut Chapter 15
 Anime Debut Episode 26
 Voiced by Yuichi Nakamura

Kankuro Mitosaka (水度坂勘久郎 Mitosaka Kankurō?) is an exorcist and Seiryū (青龍? "Azure Dragon") of the Twelve Guardians.[1]


Kankuro has blue eyes and azure hair. He appears to be wearing an all black military uniform. Besides being an onmyouji, he is also a doctor to many other onmyouji residing in the island. His mask is an "admonition" as stated by Ujii Kengo.


Kankuro and Kengo Ujii are childhood friends. Kankuro is a calm and easygoing person but gets mad if he's being underestimated.


Kankuro is seen taking care of Kengo as a doctor.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

With Seigen Amawaka retired, Kankuro is the third strongest of the Twelve Guardians, after Tenma Unomiya and Tatara.[2] He is allied with Seiryuu.

  • Azure Flash, Dragon Clarity (青閃龍冴 Seisen Ryūgo?): After enchanting his gloves with Dragon Scales, Expose Charm (竜鱗顕符 Ryūrin Genpu?), Kankuro manifests a pair of scaled gauntlets.[2]
    • Free Will of the Rising Frost Dragon (霜天龍驤之自在 Sōten Ryūjō no Jizai?): The gauntlets extend with such speed that they pierce through targets. They can also turn at sharp angles while extending.[3]
    • Soukyu Ryubi no Kaigyaku (蒼穹龍眉之諧謔 Sōkyū Ryūbi no Kaigyaku?, lit. Banter of the Azure Sky Dragon): [4]
    • Tenkei Ryuho no Senbu (天景龍袍之旋舞 Tenkei Ryūhō no Senbu?, lit. Spiral Dance of the Heavenly Dragon): [5]
    • Kyoukugi - Kenran Ryuoh no Toga (究極術技 絢爛龍王之凍牙 Kyokugi - Kenran Ryūō no Tōga?, lit. Ultimate Skill - Radiant Dragon King's Ice Fangs): [6]
  • Ryuen no Ho - Impurity Eater (龍嚥之法 ケガレ喰い Ryūen no Hō Kegare-gui?): [2]

Trivia Edit

Kankurou states that he and Seigen never actually fought each other but felt that he could win against Amawaka Seigen when using Impurity Eater.


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