Kanji 赫夜(かぐや)
 Romaji Kaguya
 Species Basara
 Status Deceased
 Gender Female
 Affiliations Impurity
 Relatives Basara
 Manga Debut Chapter 28

Kaguya (赫夜 Kaguya?) was the sixth Basara.


Kaguya possessed the appearance of a woman in her late teens or early adulthood with long hair and an ample figure that added to her obsession for beauty. She was shown wearing a military uniform of unknown origin in addition to carrying a whip. Her left eye was golden while her right was red with black sclera with a cracklike scar running down the side of her face as is common for most Basara.


Kaguya was a foul mouthed, hot head, and mentally unstable impurity. She was obsessive to her darling, which was a male exorcist-turned zombie. She hated all the humans and impurities, among which Sakanashi was the most hated.


Powers and Abilities

General Power: Kaguya was shown to have immense spell power and quick reflex, which was shown when she easily threw Kamui away and later destroyed half of his body.

Water Manipulation: As her Five Element is water, she could use water arrows, which was not easy to be detected.

  • Water of Hatred, Contaminated Princess (恨碧濁姫 Konpekidakki?): Kaguya's Impure Death Equip, which turns her into water form.

    Chap.53, Kaguya used her Impure Death Equip after Kamui awakened and challenge her.


  • Kaguya is the third Basara in the series to show some form of interest in humanity, amongst Chinu and Kamui.