Juzo Nakiri
Juzo Nakiri
 Kanji 波切 十蔵
 Romaji Nakiri Jūzō
 Species Human
 Status Deceased (Chapter 56)
 Gender Male
 Affiliations Zeze House
 Manga Debut Chapter 40

Juzo Nakiri (波切 十蔵 Nakiri Jūzō?) is an exorcist, as the leading Senka of Zeze House.[1]


Juzo is a tall strong man, with medium length hair in a ponytail, and a face mask with his eyes out. He wears the standard exorcist uniform.


Juzo can sometimes be rude to others. This was shown when he insulted Jinya following the well-endowed Mayura. He idolize Miku and is loyal, while somewhat attracted to her. He can sometimes be reasonable and rational, when he suggested Rokuro retreat with his team.


Juzo has been at service in Zeze House for a long time, as he processed an album recording Miku's growth.[2]


Juzo was first shown attending the Hadarae Castle Games and matched with Jinya Yosami. During the fight he insulted the Amawaka House being weaker and following an incompetent head. He used his unique skill to absorb Jinya's spell power, to unequip Jinya's enchantment. However, encouraged by his head Mayura, Jinya beated him by infusing lot of spell power, more than Juzo can manipulate.

Later in the Yuto Ijika Crusade Mission, he was leading the Second Team of Zeze House to join with the others. When he and his five team members met the First Team of Enmado House, and Rokuro ruthlessly called him "Lolicon Head Bulter", he did not deny. They told Rokuro to retreat according to the orders of Exorcists Group. While Rokuro rejected, Juzo persuaded Rokuro that if Rokuro died in the mission, their hard working would be useless. Also he pointed out Rokuro's young Senka were already infused with fear.

After Rokuro is gone, Yuto Ijika appeared, killed all his team members and asked if Rokuro was there. Juzo told him Rokuro was already gone. Then he was killed too, only slightly harmed Yuto.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Evil Carver, Life Split (斬邪割命 Zanja Katsumei?): Juzo enchants a small blade.[3]
    • Ceremony of the Sentient Blade, Life Draw (我刃引命の儀 Gajin Onmyō no Gi?): Juzo's enchanted blade can absorb the power of any enchanted gear it touches. As its power grows, the blade grows larger and changes shape.[4][5] However, the more power the blade absorbs, the more difficult it is to maintain other enchantments.[6]

Enchanted Gear: Iron Armor (鎧包業羅 Gaihō Gōra?, "Armor Tent Karmic Clothes"): Using the Iron Body Talisman (金剛符 Kongō Fu?, "Adamantine Charm"), a basic exorcism spell, Juzo increases his defense for combat.[6]



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