Hoji Ikaruga
Hoji Ikaruga
 Kanji 斑鳩 峯治
 Romaji Ikaruga Hōji
 Species Human
 Status Alive
 Gender Male
 Affiliations Ikaruga House
 Relatives Mrs Ikaruga (Wife)
Keiji Ikaruga (son)
Sayo Ikaruga (daughter)
Shimon Ikaruga (nephew/foster son)
 Manga Debut Chapter 34

Hoji Ikaruga (斑鳩 峯治 Ikaruga Hōji?) is the head of the Ikaruga House[1] and former Suzaku of the Twelve Guardians.[2]


Hoji has long hair and a small pointy beard. Befitting his position as a family head, he is seen wearing a haori Hakama.


While stated by his son Keiji to be stubborn, Hoji is shown to be a kind man as shown when he allowed Rokuro and Mayura to his home for dinner. He loves his children as he bowed his head and thanked Rokuro and Mayura for protecting his daughter from Basara. He also loves his nephew Shimon as if he was his own son even demanding from the former to be called "Dad" after being called "Hoji-Sama".

He appears to like telling stories as he offered to do so at the dinner between his family and guests.


Hoji and his sons Keiji and Shimon attend the meeting where Arima Tsuchimikado informs Rokuro Enmado that in order to take part in the mission of defeating Yuto Ijika, he must join an Exorcist House.

Later on, Hoji meets with Rokuro and Mayura Otomi at his home and scolds his daughter Sayo for frolicking in the house. He then bows his head in thanks to Rokuro for protecting his daughter from the Basara. When Shimon tells him that a man of his position should not bow to his head while calling him "Hoji-Sama", causing the latter to angrily remind him that he told him to call him "Dad" causing Shimon to apologize.

During the dinner, he offers to tell a story but Shimon tells him not to as the dinner was already hectic.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a former member of the Twelve Guardians, Hoji is a highly capable exorcist.



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