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 Kanji 聖丸
 Romaji Hijirimaru
 Species Basara
 Status Deceased
 Gender Male
 Affiliations Magano
 Relatives Basara
 Manga Debut Chapter 22
 Anime Debut N/A

Hijirimaru (聖丸?) was an Impurity and the fourth Basara. His risk rank was S+.


Hijirimaru has long, gray hair tied in two pigtails with two locks of hair hiding his eyes. He is dark skinned and has a kuji-kiri on his stomach. Being a Basara, one of his eyes is certainly completely black with a red pupil and cracks around the eye, and the other eye is golden-colored.

In his second form, Hijirimaru's hair is untied and both his eyes are gold colored. His body similar to a Guardian with Mystic Spell Equip.


Hijirimaru enjoys toying with humans and has absolutely no pity for them. He enjoys killing his opponents to awaken the rage and hatred of their loved one, in order to gain more power after killing them too. He seemingly dislikes being interrupted in a battle.

Despite being cruel, he cares for Higano, having helped him to grow stronger so the two of them could leave Magano together. After Higano dies, Hijirimaru becomes furious and swears to kill the one who killed Higano.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hijirimaru has the ability to control small rocks or dust particle, invisible to the human eye, with his fingertips. Due to that any enemy who is unaware of his ability is powerless against him and is killed off quickly. After absorbing Higano's powers, Hijirimaru became much more powerful.

Impure Death Equip - Zan Shoumu Gyou - Hijirimaru's enchanted gear. It takes the form of two gaint claws that cover the full length of his arms.



  • "Either way, I have no business with trash-like enchanted powers! The crazy huge enchanted powers we picked up 2-3 days ago, that's our target!!"
    to Higano
  • "As long as you don't get in my way, I'll keep you by my side."
    to Higano
  • "There's no saving you ~ yup. Your whole lot is an existence that can't be saved. You claw, and struggle, yeee and survive, and you choose a path of fighting, a path of suffering, of your own free will."
    to Rokuro
  • "Rape your little sister! Right in front of us while we're watching of course!"
  • "Right!-Yup that's good! Isn't that a pretty thrilling situation? If you don't want her to see your unsightly figure, i'll crush her eyes for you! If she struggles and resists, i'll cut off her limbs for you!!" — to Shimon
  • "Hah... that's one dirty sky. Right, Higano?" — to Himself