Intertwining Tragedies - Tragedy Comes With Smile
Episode 09
Episode Info
 Romaji Kōsaku Suru Higeki TRAGEDY COMES WITH SMILE
 Air Date June 1, 2016
 Episode Direction Noshitani Mitsutaka
 Storyboard Masuda Toshihiko
 Screenplay Murayama Katsura
 Animation Direction Sadakata Kikuko (Chief), Yamamoto Shou, Ushiya Kotono, Sekimoto Miho, Kubo Tsuguyuki, Tamura Satomi
Episode Chronology
Episode 8 Episode 10

Intertwining Tragedies - Tragedy Comes With Smile (交錯する悲劇 TRAGEDY COMES WITH SMILE, Kōsaku Suru Higeki TRAGEDY COMES WITH SMILE) is the ninth episode of Twin Star Exorcist anime series.



Rokuro admits the truth of Seigen's story. Benio challenges him to a fight; however, at that moment, Yuto Ijika, the brother Benio thought was dead, suddenly appears. Rokuro tries to attack him, but is effortlessly blocked. In a flashback, Yuto initiates a ritual that he promises will increase the spell power of the Hinatsuki trainees. However, it instead has the effect of transforming them into Kegare. As they wreak havoc, killing the other students, Yuto disappointedly declares them a failure. Seigen explains to Benio that Yuto somehow had acquired knowledge of Kegare corruption, a dark art developed by exorcists in an attempt to increase their power. Yuto then systematically destroys Benio's image of him, causing Rokuro to break his restraints and attack. After being repeatedly deflected, his corrupted arm begins to drive him berserk, forcing Benio to stop him. Yuto then explains the reason for his visit, asking Rokuro to become his henchman; Rokuro vehemently refuses, and Yuto departs. Afterwards, Rokuro and Benio vow to work together and become stronger.