As an Exorcist - Salvation Then Wailing
Episode Info
 Romaji Onmyōji Toshite SALVATION THEN WAILING
Episode Chronology
Episode 15 Episode 17

"As an Exorcist - Salvation Then Wailing" "Onmyōji Toshite SALVATION THEN WAILING" (陰陽師として SALVATION THEN WAILING) is the sixteenth episode of Twin Star Exorcists anime series.

Characters Edit

Synopsis Edit

After being told off by Seigen, Benio and Rokuro stayed in a bad mood until Mayura comes over to cheer the two of them up. She cooks dinner for the Twin Star Exorcists and walks home with Rokuro in tow. Along the way, Mayura was corrupted and she turned into a Kegare. Rokuro refuses to purify her as Benio and Seigen joins him. Seigen battles Kegare Mayura but finds it nearly impossible to purify her. Rokuro, still defiant, asks Seigen if there is another way of saving Mayura. Seigen explains about a technique known as Furu no Koto that he believes only the Twin Star Exorcists can do. The duo casts the technique and Mayura is purified. Yuuto then appears and congratulates Rokuro.

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