Give Me a Break - Basara Boy Kamui
Episode Info
 Romaji Kanben Shiroshi BASARA BOY KAMUI
 Air Date June 22, 2016
 Episode Direction Takumi Suzuki
 Screenplay Yasunori Tamada
 Animation Direction Toru Yoshida
Episode Chronology
Episode 11 Episode 13

"Give Me a Break - Basara Boy Kamui" "Kanben Shiroshi BASARA BOY KAMUI" (勘弁しろし BASARA BOY KAMUI) is the twelfth episode of Twin Star Exorcists anime series. 

Characters Edit

Synopsis Edit

Benio has another meeting with Kamui, who is one of the Basara, the strongest of all Kegare, and the one who murdered her parents. Despite eager to have her revenge, Benio finds herself powerless before Kamui, until Rokuro appears to assist her.

Navigation Edit

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