Do Your Best, Newlyweds - Fantastic Moments
Episode Info
 Kanji 新婚さんおきばりやす FANTASTIC MOMENTS
 Romaji Shinkon-san o Kibariyasu FANTASTIC MOMENTS
 Air Date June 15 2016
 Episode Direction Takuma Suzuki
 Screenplay Yasunori Yamada
 Animation Direction Toru Yoshida
Episode Chronology
Episode 10 Episode 12

"Do Your Best, Newlyweds - Fantastic Moments" "Shinkon-san o Kibariyasu FANTASTIC MOMENTS" (新婚さんおきばりやす FANTASTIC MOMENTS) is the eleventh episode of Twin Star Exorcists anime series.

Characters Edit

Synopsis Edit

Subaru starts a game of "hide and seek" with Rokuro and Benio, promising to train them if they manage to find her. The pair then start trailing her around the city with no success until they come across another breach to Magano. Once Rokuro and Benio are surrounded by the, Kegare, Subaru appears and displays a bit of her true power as a Heavenly Commander.

Navigation Edit

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