Subaru's Training - The Bewitching Guardian
Episode 10
Episode Info
 Romaji Subaru no Shugyō THE BEWITCHING GUARDIAN
 Air Date June 8, 2016
 Episode Direction Oozeki Masayuki
 Storyboard Kamiya Jun, Miyake Kazuo
 Screenplay Narita Yoshimi
 Animation Direction Takeda Itsuko (Chief), Tomita Yoshifumi (Chief), Igai Kazuyuki, Zang One, An TaeKun
Episode Chronology
Episode 9 Episode 11

Subaru's Training - The Bewitching Guardian (すばるの修行 THE BEWITCHING GUARDIAN,Subaru no Shugyō THE BEWITCHING GUARDIAN) is the tenth episode of Twin Star Exorcists anime series.



Rokuro and Benio ask Seigen to help them train, but he declines. Luckily, Subaru Mitejima, Benio's former master, arrives and agrees to teach them. However, instead of giving them the training they want, she instructs them to do things such as go clothes shopping, hold hands, feed each other, and finally, kiss, at which they balk. After learning that Arima is behind the strange training, they refuse to do anymore. As they pause to eat some ohagi, a breach to Magano opens and they discover a swarm of Kegare trying to break through. As they attempt to exorcise them, however, Rokuro finds that he is unable to control his arm after overexerting it in his fight with Yuto. Benio then exhausts her spell power to return him to normal. Finding themselves surrounded, they are relieved when Subaru arrives to destroy the Kegare and seal the breach. Later, they arrive home to find that she has extensively remodeled their house. When she tells them that the next part of their training will be to work on their "nightly marital activities", Rokuro yells at her to leave.