Enmado House (焔魔堂家 Enmadō-ke?) is located on Tsuchimikado Island and was formerly the Adashino House until Rokuro Enmado prevented its destruction and declared the house as his own making him the House's Head.

Family Crest

Enmado House Crest

Emblem of Enmado House

Designed by the Shikigami Kinako, who is loyal to Benio Adashino. As Enmado House is located at the property of Main Family of Adashino House and will eventually make Benio Adashino, the next head of Adashino House, a member, the crest is evolved from the Adashino crest "Fire of Foxes". The two points of fire crossed together symbolize Benio and Rokuro, who will "eventually lead the way for Tsuchimikado Island".



The house was formerly that of the Adashino House but following the deaths of the parents and subsequent events that led to the house being looked on with contempt the house fell into poor state. The house was on the verge of being torn down but in order to prevent the house from being destroyed Rokuro Enmado stepped in and declared it as his home. He proclaimed that he will not allow the house to suffer anymore misfortune and stated to spectating Guardian Tatara that he will make it the highest ranking house on the island.

This news amused Tatara as Rokuro shrugged this off and told Adashino's Shikigami Kinako to help restore the house in order to have something to show Benio which caused the latter to take his hand in gratitude.

The news of the House being made spread through the island as exorcists everywhere were in disbelief that one of the Twin Star Exorcists would form his own House from one that has seen better days rather than joining a prestigious House instead.

In the Enmado House first few days, Kinako tried to get Rokuro to forget the house and join one of the Guardians' houses but Rokuro stood by his decision especially when Kinako told him of a way to get more members was through Exorcist's Games.


The house would soon earn a new member, called Arimori Tsuchimikado who decided to join the house which earned shock from Kinako as Arimori already came from the top family Tsuchimikado. Arimori had stated he joined the house to make Rokuro his servant and with his well known reputation he could give Rokuro more followers. To his shock, Rokuro denied him but at Kinako's urgings he begrudgingly gave Arimori royal treatment until the latter's father arrived and scolded his son's actions.

He threatened Arimori with disownment from the family, and Arimori was close to breaking down but Rokuro stepped in and declared Arimori as a member of his family and since Arima brought up disownment Arimori was more than welcomed in. After seeing Rokuro's character and him defending him from his father, a touched Arimori swore his allegiance and loyalty to Rokuro. Kinako again wondered why Arimori joined them before deducing the latter did so to be acknowledged by his father which was confirmed through his facial expression. Rokuro jokingly reconsidered his choice since Arimori has a (son version) Electra complex.

In order to make the house possible to enter the Exorcists' Games, Arimori used his identity to trick three students - one female and two males, of group 10 to join the Enmado House. Despite disappointed at being tricked, and weak in combat, they did show some loyalty and helped make the Family Crest.

During the Exorcists' Games, Rokuro fought Kankuro Mitosaka who makes a bet to Rokuro that one of them would join the winner's house. In the end, Rokuro emerges victorious over Kankuro with the latter agreeing to his part of the wager.


After Kankuro joined the family as a Sanka while still being the head of Mitosaka family, as a result, the Enmado House's reputation improved greatly. Also, because it proved himself as strong the House began to do missions, and started to do rank C missions in a short time. Not only that, after their performance at the Exorcists' Games and with the help of Kankuro, two more families offer to join Enmado House as Sanka.

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