Doman Ashiya
 Kanji 蘆屋 道満
 Romaji Ashiya Douman
 Species Human
 Status Unknown
 Gender Male
 Relatives Benio Adashino (Descendant)
Yuto Ijika (Descendant)
 Manga Debut Chapter 28

Doman Ashiya (蘆屋 道満?) is an arch rival of Abe no Seimei and an enemy of Kuzunoha. He was first perceived as the Spirit Guardian of Adashino Benio.


At first, his hair is short and he is wearing a classical monk outfit. His hairstyle also slightly resembles Rokuro's. In time, however, his hair grows longer and he is seen with a beard. His eyes turn black from being exposed to the miasma of Magano for too long. He has a distinctive sign on his left cheek.


A thousand years ago, people lived under the threat of the Impurity King, not being able to defeat it with just Yang power. Doman Ashiya is the one who studied the humans who had been mutated due to the power of the Impurity King. He removed their Yang power and, as a result, he got a new type of energy, the Yin power. Something went wrong during the experiment and Doman created a monster that grew sharply in Yin power. That was the first impurity ever created.

Doman created the impurities as prototypes for the strongest container of Yin Power, Taiyin.



Doman hugged Benio in Chap.53 to express his admiration of her beauty

Not much is known to him, but he seemed to be confident of himself, even somewhat narcissistic, as he attribute Benio's beauty to his very low degree of consanguinity.

Powers and Abilities