Ashiya Doman
 Species Basara (Humanoid Impurity)
 Status Alive
 Age 1015
 Gender Male
 Affiliations Impurity
 Relatives Benio Adashino (Host body)
Kuzunoha (Long-time enemy)
Abe no Seimei (Arch-rival)

Ashiya Doman (?) is an arch rival of Abe no Seimei and the Spirit Guardian of Adashino Benio.


She has a pair of horns on her head. She wears an exorcist uniform similar to Benio's. Her kuji-kiri is on her chest as shown on the picture. Unlike other Basaras or Kuranashi, her eyes are both black in colour with green pupils except the cracks below them. She has a dark skin colour.


To be an equal of Abe no Seimei is hard to tell. She is one of the three strongest Basaras of all. The kuji kiri is her sign and mark. She is also Kuzunoha's greatest enemy.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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