Arimori Tsuchimikado
 Kanji 土御門 有主
 Romaji Tsuchimikado Arimori
 Species Human
 Status Alive
 Age Unknown
 Gender Male
 Affiliations Tsuchimikado House
Enmado House
 Relatives Arima Tsuchimikado (Father)
Mana Tsuchimikado (Mother, deceased)
Mikage Tsuchimikado (Possible paternal uncle)
 Manga Debut Chapter 38

Arimori Tsuchimikado (土御門 有主 Tsuchimikado Arimori?) is an exorcist and son of Arima Tsuchimikado. Arimori would join the Enmado House to be acknowledged by his father but upon Rokuro defending him from his father Arimori swore his loyalty to the latter.


Arimori has white colored hair with blue ends and a mole on his chin. He is first seen wearing the school uniform of the exorcist school in Tsuchimikado Island. Arimori seems to have a lot of resemblance to his father, Arima.


Arimori seems to be a bit like a loner as seen when he sits next to a tree by himself before classes. However, he still seems popular among girls and shares his father's love of women as shown when he acknowledged the attractiveness of Mayura Otomi. While he is initially depicted as prideful, arrogant, and spoiled seen through his insulting comments on the Enmado House as well as him forcing Rokuro to act as a servant.

In his private moments, it is shown is insecure given his lack of power relative to his father at his age. After his mother's death, his relationship with his father deteriorated as the latter buried himself in work while voicing disappointment at his son's progress as an exorcist. As a result, his biggest dream is for his father to at least acknowledge him.

Upon joining Rokuro, the Exorcist his father holds in high regard; Arimori joined him to make his father acknowledge him. Through their interactions, he begins to open a little more and come to respect him. This respect grew when his father came and scolded him for his actions, Arimori broke down being unable to muster a word. However, after Rokuro stood up for him and called him family this left Arimori touched and he swore his allegiance to him.


Arimori was born into the Tsuchimikado Clan as the son of the thirty ninth head Exorcist Arima Tsuchimikado and his wife Mana. As a young child, he was very close to his parents and sought to be a powerful Exorcist like his father. One day, his mother died and he vowed to be a strong exorcist like his father and aid him in his duties. However, as he trained he struggled with trying to impress his father who became cold in his grief and bluntly asked Arimori if he was really had the talent to be his son causing the latter to break down.

At some point, he skipped elementary and enrolled in the Seiyouin Exorcist Academy.


When Rokuro Enmado and Mayura Otomi first arrived at the Seiyouin Exorcist Academy in Tsuchimikado Island, people were claiming that the two were the Twin Stars. When Arimori was asked by a bunch of girls if he noticed the supposed Twin Stars, Arimori seemed like he did not care and said he was so focused on checking out Mayura's large chest that he disregarded Rokuro's presence.

Arimori later officially met Rokuro when the latter bumped into him in their class and called him an elementary school student causing Kinako to slap him on the head and tell him who he was. Rokuro was shocked that Arima had a child while calling him by the nickname that he had given him causing even further distress. Arimori called Rokuro a rude person.

Later on, Arimori arrives at Enmado House to tell Rokuro he is going to reside with him. Arimori tells Rokuro that not only will he lived there but he will help him get more members as well aid in Rokuro's training for the Exorcists games in exchange for him becoming his servant. At first, Rokuro bluntly denies him to Arimori's shock and when Kinako mentions that Arimori could tell his father this causes the latter to threaten him but Rokuro hits him on the head. Arimori cries as that was the first time someone struck him and while eating candy he promises to make Rokuro pay. At Kinako's urgings, Rokuro makes up for this and gives him royal treatment by acting like a servant. Arimori and Rokuro later talk with the latter asking why he chose the Enmado House to occupy and offers advice but Arimori shrugs this off by stating Rokuro's recent actions such as making his own House. In response, Rokuro tells him that there is a person that has been climbing over the dreams of the people he has ever been involved with and he has to make sure that person does not get in the way of his own dreams. Arimori then remembers his past and his own dream and soon questions the meaning of dreams.

When Arima arrives, he tensely greets his son and berates him for his actions while telling him that he no unique talent. He threatens to banish him from the Tsuchimikado House if he does not return. As Arimori tries to work up the courage to reply, Rokuro steps in and calls Arimori his family since he decided to come to his house. He tells Arima that since he brought up disownment then Arimori can join him to Kinako's shock. After a tough talk between Rokuro and his father, Arimori is barely able to get out one word before his father reminds him that one must have a strong resolve in order to lead the Tsuchimikado House. Afterwards Arima leaves, Arimori thinks back to his past and how he sought to earn his father's approval by learning various spells to work with his father as an exorcist. Arimori then asks Rokuro if no matter how difficult his dream is will it be achieved causing Rokuro to angrily state he does not know.

However, he does tell Arimori that if he does not act on them then he will never fulfill them. Hearing this, Arimori decides that he must achieve his goals before swearing his loyalty to the Enmado House as Kinako states it was unprecedented for a member of a prestigious family like the Tsuchimikado House to join a newly created house. Kinako then inquires that Arimori joined because Rokuro was the Exorcist his father was interested in and that he thought he could achieve acknowledgment by joining him. Rokuro asks if that is true as Arimori blushes and sweats confirming the answer. Rokuro says he may have to reconsider his decision as Arimori clearly has father issues but the latter denies this.[1]

Much later, they receive new members in the form of Arimori's classmates although they thought they were joining Arimori until he explained his circumstances.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While seemingly a competent exorcist who mastered several spells and being able to skip grades in the exorcist run school, his skills are said to pale in comparison to his father at that age. Consequentially, he constantly dwells in his father's shadow which somewhat limit his abilities.



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