Arima Tsuchimikado
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Arima anime design

 Kanji 土御門 有馬 (つちみかど ありま)
 Romaji Tsuchimikado Arima
 Species Human
 Status Alive
 Age 42,44(currently)
 Gender Male
 Birthday December 25th
 Height 190cm (6'3")
 Weight 71 kg (156 Ibs.)
 Blood Type AB
 Affiliations Exorcists Group
Tsuchimikado House
 Relatives Mana Tsuchimikado (Wife, deceased)
Arimori Tsuchimikado (Son)
Mikage Tsuchimikado (Abe No Seimei's Shikigami)
 Manga Debut Chapter 2
 Anime Debut Episode 1
 Voiced by Daisuke Namikawa

Arima Tsuchimikado (土御門 有馬 Tsuchimikado Arima?) is the current head of the Exorcists Group and the Tsuchimikado House.


Arima has an appearance of a young man. He is a tall man who wears glasses and has long white colored hair with blue ends. His eyes seem to be amber colored. He is mostly seen grinning. He is first seen wearing only underwear during his first appearance, which is why Rokuro always calls him "Perverted Underwear Man".


Arima is a cheerful guy who seems to like having fun. A running gag in the series; he often gets in trouble, resulting in him running away from troublemakers. Despite this, he is actually a serious person, although in a sarcastic manner. He is also displayed as a kind and caring person, this was shown when he was genuinely worried about his 'henchmen', Rokuro and Benio. He is also stated as 'a perverted underwear man bastard' by Rokuro.

However, when it comes to his son Arimori, Arima displayed a more serious tone to him speaking him to bluntly about his lack of talent as well threatening to disown him from the family when he joined the Enmado House.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Originally, Arima shows no indication of any actual fighting strength. However, his abilities are befitting of his status as the Exorcist's head. During the conflict between the two basara, he disposes of a huge amount of impurities effortlessly, protecting Mayura and Benio. Despite the fact that he came with 2 of the 12 Commanders, he went to Magano alone, as the commanders deemed that they'd just get in the way, a testament to the full extent of his abilities.


He was shown to be exorcising impurities without doing anything and using shikigami to track down Kuranashi, a very elusive Basara. Arima seems to specialize in Ice and Fire techniques and has very immense spell power to the point where he almost defeated Kuranashi with one blow, leaving a gargantuan crater in it's aftermath. He was presumed to be dead when Kuranashi buried him under the ground with a Seiman.

When Rokuro started to undergo a transformation during his fight with Yuto, he was suddenly engulfed in a light and lost consciousness, just as Arima appeared through a gate greeting Yuto. Which means, he faked his death. Arima confirmed that he survived and used a spell to bind Yuto. Yuto broke free relatively easily, though it was really a diversion for Arima to use a spell to remove the barrier Yuto placed around Benio. Then, Arima took Rokuro and Benio through the gate he used to appear, to escape to the real world.



"The darker the darkness is, the brighter the stars shine"


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