Amawaka House emblem

The Amawaka House (天若家 Amawaka-ke?) is a family of exorcists who reside on Tsuchimikado Island and one of the Houses of the Twelve Guardians. The tenth head of the clan is Mayura Otomi, under the name Mayura Amawaka.

This House serves as scouts should unusual activity occur in Magano.[1]


Seigen Amawaka rose to the rank of White Tiger and was responsible for mentoring powerful Exorcists such as Shimon Ikaruga, the Crimson Phoenix; Rokuro Enmado, one of the Twin Star Exorcists; and Yuto Ijika. Eventually, Seigen lost an arm to Yuto and steps down from his position as a Guardian, allowing his daughter Mayura Otomi to take both his rank and his place as the head of the Clan.

Initially, Mayura is shocked at being given such a high position and believes herself unfit to fill in such a role left by her father. Mayura's doubts are soothed by Yuzuru Amawaka, who understands from where she is coming. Mayura enrolls in an Exorcist Academy to get a better understanding for the rank of being Head of an Exorcist Clan.

Known MembersEdit


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