Abe no Seimei
Sousei 48 3-490x276
 Species Shikigami
 Status Alive
 Age 1000+
 Gender Male
 Affiliations Exorcist Head
 Relatives Abe No Seimei (Avatar and incarnation)

Arima Tsuchimikado (Former master)

Mikage Tsuchimikado is the avatar of Abe No Seimei and a shikigami that is functioning in an effort to use the Cataclysm King's power to revive the actual Abe No Seimei. After finding no whereabouts of Arima-Sama, he promotes himself to the position of Head exorcist in the 31st anime episode. Mikage Tsuchimikado can be assumed to be a very strong exorcist, to the point he is even capable of exorcising a super-giant Kegare with ease by just using his voice. It is also the same skill Arima Tsuchimikado used to exorcise Kegare when he was fighting Kuranashi.

Mikage is seen watching the events of the great cleansing ritual where Rokuro as the cataclysm king is used to absorb the spell power of humans of weak spell power.

On Episode 50 of the anime, Abe no Seimei's plan was thwarted by Benio and Rokuro. After he ridicules them, he decided that he will wait for another millenium so as to give humanity a chance. Later on the same episode, his shikigami (Mikage) is seen watching the world atop a building as he smiles and gazes the sun.