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• 7/9/2018

Season 2

Is there a Season 2 in production? It would be so nice to cry again because of the relationship between Roku and Benio at the end of it :(
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• 7/7/2018

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• 11/25/2017


At the end of every episode did a character tell us a famous quote... Can someone tell me where I find a list of the said quotes 😕
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• 7/14/2017

did Benio get raped by Abe No Seimei without knowing it in the Anime?

Im wondering... When Benio met Abe No Seimei he said he needed to copulate with her to take her Yang energy and she couldnt see Rokuro again, but after Rokuro saved her he said he took it after he knocked her out and imprisoned her in the crystal instead of waiting because he thought there might be a chance of them going against his plan.... does that mean he raped her sleeping body to get the energy or did he magically find another way to take it from her and he was just lying to her to get that ass! ...... things that make ya wonder! lol
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• 6/27/2017

Benito and Kamui

I kind of hate how Rokuro is becoming stronger and more kick butt then Benio and how even Mayura is stronger than her. Kamui said that Benio still has her powers so I'm waiting for that, or even a scene of them heading to the Basara that will help restore her power. I'm hoping that Kamui ends up being an corruption (but one that was able to get back his control over himself after a lot years) and I feel like he has a soft spot for Benio, (kinda ship them together but my otp is her and rokuro) and I think he's going to make her stronger than Rokuro or on equal footing. I think after their journey together Kamui is going to develop feelings of comradeship with Benio, and when she thanks him again for helping her become stronger and promises to come back and give him the fight of his life. Kamui with give her two options ten seconds to decide. 1) He comes with her to the front lines on the island and helps her fight the impurities. Or 2) He finds Rokuro and will fight him. And I think she'll just understand that he wants to fight by her (and see her growth himself) and then the manga will flick forward and Rokuro will be at the school where there was a sudden swarm of impurities and the school is being overwhelmed and the two will show up together and save the day via their speed and incredibly fast strength.
Or so I'd like. I don't like how weak they've made Benio. She was chosen to be a twin star exorcist based off of her strength but they make her seem so weak and the underdog. I'm also hoping there will be a few males who take interest in her so that Rokuro gets jealous. But that's just me xD
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• 1/3/2017

Anime gets a new op theme and visual.

Twin star Exorcists team announced that they have made a new op theme and visual for the anime. For More see the link 
More Info about
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• 12/26/2016

Message from 173.6v8.915

Twin star exorcists, episode 38 will come on Wednesday!
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• 10/15/2016


As far as I can read in ch.36 Abe is rokuro's mother and mayura is the head of the Amakawa house!😱

Link to the raw version:
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• 8/31/2016


Will you add Haruka to the wikia?
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• 11/22/2015

Twin Star Exorcists Anime Announced!

The January issue of Jump SQ, released on December 4th, is announcing that Twin Star Exorcists will be getting a TV anime adaptation. No further info is available at this point.
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